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We don't chase fads and trends. We design programs that fit you !

Fitness programs that fit your fitness goals! Our program combines a variety of exercises and techniques to ensure that you feel challenged and motivated as you progress through different levels of difficulty. 

We monitor your progress regularly and adjust your plan accordingly, so you can reach your goals efficiently and safely.

Our sessions are for everyone!

They are fun, creative, and, most importantly, they work.


JUNGLEFIT - Get Leaner, Fitter, and Stronger

Addictive and Transformative Workout for Functional Fitness
Lose Fat. Get Fit.

It is a high-intensity, high-energy fitness class for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit. This workout is scientifically designed to improve functional fitness, metabolic conditioning and build a lean physique.

  • Achieve superior movement capability , build lean muscles,
  • Junglefit makes workouts more fun and productive with faster fat loss
  • Enjoy the variety of exercises and their results.
  • Experience higher bursts of energy throughout the day.

Program Type - Flagship Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning, Total Body Workout

Burn upto 400 - 600 KCal per session

HAMMERFIT - Get Stronger, Bigger and Fitter

Lift. Recover. Gain Muscles.

Are you skinny? Do you want to pack on as much muscle mass as possible? Or are you a dedicated lifter who wants to look your best ?  

Hammerfit is just the program for you! Hammerfit focuses on muscular development and strength. This program helps you put more muscle mass on your frame by stimulating muscular hypertrophy through appropriate rep ranges!

  • Improve aesthetics, bone health, and body posture with this program. 
  • It is centred around compound primal movements
  • build a solid foundation of strength, higher muscle mass
  • Lift weights, Get the optimal mix of strength with core training
  • Take your strength and fitness to the next level.

Program Type - Classic Muscle and Strength building Program

Burn Upto - 300-500 KCal/session



YOGIFIT - Balance, Mobility & Mindfulness

Awaken your Inner Peace and Strength

Do you find yourself lying in bed at night, sleepless and unable to calm down?

Feel better with YogiFit, as it builds around the principles of yoga and focuses on relieving stress, enhancing the body’s flexibility, mobility, strength and unifying one’s mind and body! 

  • Inspired by Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga and Vinyasa flow, YogiFit is ideal for everyone looking to improve their mind, body and  build inner strength.
  • Expect to tone, shape and condition your body through simple yoga moves.
  • Practise mindfulness, breathing control and meditation exercises
  • Enhance your mobility, balance, and move pain free

Including yoga in your Everyday Fitness can do wonders for your health and help enhance longevity.

Program Type - Yoga, Pranayam

Burn Upto: 200-300 KCal Per Session

PARTYFIT - Twist, Turn and Burn With Dance

A Fun Cardio Workout

DO you like to party or love dancing? Wish to lose a couple of pounds while dancing? Partyfit combines fitness with dancing and grooving with peppy dance numbers. Make fitness more fun, and get fit while grooving to your favourite tunes. The movement and dance workout for beginners at home allow people to control their bodies better.

  • Enjoy music, dance, while sweating out on desi-style Dance Fitness Class.
  • Recommended if you love to move, groove,
  • Fun, Intense Dance fitness class with serious cardio
  • Free spirited, no judgement class which will make you go high on the beats, and fun.

Program Type - Dance Fitness Cardio

Burn Upto: 500-1000 KCal Per Session



BOXFIT - Box your way to Fitness

Let off Steam with every Punch.

Unleash Your Inner Champion in  our electrifying Boxing and self-defence class designed with classic boxing moves. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of mastering a new skill and pushing your limits. Our boxing class will challenge you both mentally and physically, leaving you feeling empowered and unstoppable.

  • Our Boxing class isn’t just about throwing punches – it’s a full-body workout that engages every muscle group. 
  • From powerful jabs to lightning-fast footwork, you’ll tone and sculpt your body like never before.
  • Get your heart pumping and torch calories with high-intensity cardio intervals.
  • Boxing requires precision and coordination, helping you sharpen your reflexes and hand-eye coordination with every punch you throw.
  • Don’t wait any longer to experience the thrill of boxing and unlock your true potential.

Program type - Boxing

Burn Upto : 600-1000 KCal Per session

Our Workout Structure


Elevate your heart rate and get warm for the upcoming workout.

Mobility Drills

Dynamic stretching & mobility work for your joints & muscles to anticipate what is coming, and be ready.

Skill Round

Coach tells you about the workout, demonstrates the exercises giving specific instructions on number of rounds, reps, strategic rest between sets.

Main Workout

The S&C workout that will work on the total body.

Cool Down

It is time to bring down the heart rate slowly, do some static stretches, enhance your recovery

Our fitness trainers and nutritionists work seamlessly to help you train smart and make better nutritional choices. Try and see how a workout and diet model that worked for thousands can help you improve your health.

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