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Eat Right, Don’t Diet!

Try our delicious Calories counted, macros meal plans adjusted as per your goal

  • Plan your diet based on your lifestyle, eating habits and profession.
  • MEAL Plans that support your workout 
  • Learn to be accountable for what you eat and when you eat!
  • Figure out  how to maintain calories


Yes, Dieting can be giving up on food that you love, sometimes it feels like starving and is often a short term fix. Hence, this is unsustainable

It's better to enjoy the food as it is not just calories but nutrition too.

Our Nutritionists will help you do it mindfully, with portion controls and intervals that work for you. No need to fight with cravings, but prevent them from luring you. 

Let our trained group of professional Dietitians Plan your Diet as Fitness can only be achieved when an efficient workout plan is paired with an efficient diet program! 

An efficient online diet plan can improve how you feel and look significantly!

Schedule an appointment with our trained and qualified dieticians!

Online Diet Plans Suited For People With Health Conditions

Many of us have health conditions that don’t allow us to consume certain foods, which often make up a big part of our diet. Lactose intolerance poses problems for fitness enthusiasts. Allergies also set up hindrances, when it comes to consuming eggs. Diseases like PCOS/ PCOD make it hard for women to achieve their fitness goals. Same applies to other health conditions like 

  • Obesity
  • Thyroid 
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular problems

But this doesn't render your fitness goals useless!

Click here to get your Online Diet Plan!

Weight Loss

1 Month
INR 2999

Weight Loss

3 Month
INR 7999

Weight Loss

6 Month
INR 12999

Or choose our special Diet Plans with our top Dieticians

Our Dieticians are trained to customise diets for people with health issues.

Weight Gain

3 Month
INR 11999

Heart Health & Diabetes Plan

3 Month
INR 11999

PCOS And Thyroid Plan

3 Month
INR 11999
Our fitness trainers and nutritionists work seamlessly to help you train smart and make better nutritional choices. Try and see how a workout and diet model that worked for thousands can help you improve your health.

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