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Train to get a Strong Mind, Enduring Body and a Happy heart with our inclusive fitness programs

While you test your body’s ability, you also transform your inner-self. No matter what is your goal, you are not alone in it. Our extraordinary training & nutrition system works closely with you and makes you lift better, eat better and live better



Your body follows what your mind believes in. 

Everyday Athletes have a strong will and they thrive under challenging situations. They are focussed, productive and joyful; out to achieve the transformation of their lifetime! 

Our Strength & Conditioning ( S & C ) and Mobility programs will make you stronger, move better, and enhance your energy through the day. In short, we make you the fittest to take on the daily grind of personal & professional life and stay healthy!

Featured Programs

Fitness with a purpose

You are unique and so is your fitness goal. Whether it is muscle building, endurance, getting in shape or just be active. Our proven techniques will help you reach your peak performance safely. We are committed to constantly innovate and give you the best movements & workouts. What more? You will never have a boring routine with us!


Hammerfit is mass-packed, designed to build strength & muscle power. In this session, you can build and maximise your functional strength.

Goal / Benefit :

  • Helps build muscular strength
  • Improves metabolism & helps burn fat
  • Enhances body posture and shape
  • Helps increase bone mineral density


Junglefit is to make you super active, designed to meet the high-calorie burning needs of the urban athlete. In this session, you could burn over 400 calories while building functional speed.

Goal /Benefit :

  • Busts stress
  • Bring athlete like endurance
  • Active body & mind
  • Improve appetite and good sleep


Partyfit is bring alive the dancer in you. Learn simple dance moves, aerobics, on popular tunes that introduce you to a world of fun and fitness.

Goal / Benefit :

  • Improves heart & lungs condition
  • Improves body tone & strength
  • Better agility and flexibility
  • Rejuvenate mind & body


Yogifit is a yoga-inspired class to release your everyday stress, build flexibility and strengthen your core.

Goal / Benefit :

  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase body strength
  • Bust stress & bring mindfulness
  • Relax mind & body


Not able to make it to our training studio? No worries we got you. It’s okay if you’re not around our studio location, you can still train and workout with us. Our online programs have experienced mainstream acceptance and that is what you should go for. If you can’t manage being tied down to a fixed schedule, choose our online training program and workout as per your convenience anywhere. We provide you all the power over how you delegate your time towards your fitness and well being.





Monday to Saturday: 6 am - 1 pm & 4 pm - 10 pm

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