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Online Group Training Classes

LIVE, Interactive class for everybody

Our group workouts are a fun experience to keep you motivated. With us, go beyond traditional machines and experience fitness in a refreshing new way.

Do new formats, train with science backed routines involving warmups, full body workouts, and cool down to balance your strength, endurance, mobility and recover in the right way.

Workout From Home with Our Online Group Training

Adopt home workouts to lose stubborn fat, build muscles, or do both with our online group training classes. Whatever is your goal, you can start chasing your dream body & health right from the first session, leave all the thinking to us!

Feed off of others’ energy, and stay motivated.
Join our Online Group Training Classes, and get fit doing home workouts that last for 60 minutes. Our fitness trainers host live online fitness classes and instruct you how to perform the suggested exercises and correct your posture!

Online Group Training highlights – 

  • Beginner friendly, led by expert coaches.
  • Get sweaty and feel the burn, get in shape faster.
  • New workouts everyday, train upbeat & stay motivated.
  • Compete. Connect. With other group members.
  • Guided workouts, step by step, follow your coach.
  • Different batch slots allow you to workout at your preferred timings. 

Enjoy constantly varied workouts, burn 250-300 calories every session! Register now!

Online Group Training Package

Train Live - Google Meet Group Class


1 Month
INR 3449
Validity ( 1 Month )
Effective Cost/ Month For Client INR 3449 ONLY


3 Month
INR 8449
Validity ( 3 Month )
Effective Cost/ Month For Client INR 2816 ONLY


6 Month
INR 14449
Validity ( 6 Month )
Effective Cost/ Month For Client INR 2408 ONLY


11 Month
INR 21449
Validity ( 11 Month )
Effective Cost/ Month For Client INR 1950 ONLY

Online GT doesn't include Diet Plans.

Our fitness trainers and nutritionists work seamlessly to help you train smart and make better nutritional choices. Try and see how a workout and diet model that worked for thousands can help you improve your health.

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