Like every day, you get up in the morning, all excited to burn some serious calories but sometimes you’re clueless and cannot decide where to start? This can be the case if you’ve just begun to Workout or do not have a trainer to tell you or guide you where to begin and how to start. 

But kudos to you, that even after ignoring well-meaning advice for months, you finally decide to restart it. That’s some really pat worthy decision.

You are ready  to train your entire body, but got to  figure out which area of your body requires more attention in the beginning. That can be difficult but read on to find the answer.

If you’ve just started training or Workout, it’s recommended that your core muscles should be your first choice to work on and focus.

Know this, your core muscles don’t just consist of your abdomen but also your back and hips. So, all the back , abdomen and hips together form the core. Yes, it is the largest muscle of the body and as the name suggests it is at the core of every move you make. It supports your posture and helps you stabilize your body when you move. No matter what you are doing , whether you are standing up, turning , bending or twisting everything starts with and involves your core. This justifies why having a strong core muscle is much more important than building triceps or biceps.

Now you might be having the question,  how should you start training your core?

As an answer to that, now you already know that your core muscle should be the first to target, let’s talk about what you should do to train it. You must start with basic core exercises. 

1 –  Bridges

 This exercise targets your lower back and hip muscles, it helps to improve hip mobility and strengthen your lower back. It boosts flexibility, reduces knee and back pain. It whittles your waistline including your obliques, improves balance and posture. It acts as a good stretching exercise for the neck and spine too. 

2- Dead Bug 

This is another excellent core strength, spine and trunk,  stabilizing exercise. It helps you to improve stability in the hips and trunk. It improves balance and coordination and gives relief from back pain.

3 – Leg Raises 

This is good for increasing the range of motion of the hips and stabilizing you move. Apart from that, it improves the strength and flexibility of your hips and back. It makes your lower abdominal muscles strong. It enhances balance and stability. You will earn the endurance to carry your bodyweight properly.

The obvious “followed by Question” can be,  what should be your next move?

So, if your aim and fitness goal is to get fit overall, then you will have to work on all the muscles of the body. Remember that, the core is just the starting point where you should focus if you have just started to exercise.


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