Ever wondered what happens when you stop exercising ??

We all agree that staying in shape is not an easy task. It needs a lot of effort especially, a strong dedication and determination. The first few days are really inspiring and motivating and you are headstrong to take care of your faulty lifestyle but once you start shedding extra kilos, that’s when you start taking things easy. 

But do you know quitting a workout regime can have the opposite effect, sometimes immediately ??

After stopping your Workout routine,

1. You will experience a dramatic decline

Apparently, your belly will not pop out immediately, but your fitness levels will definitely decline. This clearly depends on the amount of time and the months you had spent on working out. If you were on a cardiovascular fitness routine, the moment you stop it, you will experience a rapid and dramatic downfall in fitness in the initial 2 or 3 weeks of discontinuing the fitness plan.

2. A steep decline in fitness level

For those who are following high fitness levels, after about 10 to 12 weeks of discontinuing the Workout regime, the fitness levels will start to decline. On the contrary, for low to moderate fitness level Workout doers, they might be able to retain your stamina for a few weeks, but gradually it will start to go down.

Talking about general observations, whatever fitness regime you were following, you will definitely experience the following changes:

3. You get that paunch again

This is the change that you will feel within a week. You plump up, as your muscles do not get potential to burn fat. Your metabolism also slows down, resulting in weight gain.

4. Fluctuation in blood pressure

This is one of those primary effects that you will feel instantly. You will notice that the days you are hitting the Workout, your blood pressure level remains normal. And the days you don’t work out, your blood pressure is higher. After two weeks, your blood vessels will adapt to the sedentary lifestyle.

4. Heavy panting

People who don’t work out, get exhausted and face fatigue fast. So if you quit your workout regime, you will gasp for breath even after climbing a few stairs and wind up quicker. This is because you lose the mini-factories of your muscles that convert oxygen into energy.

5. Let’s see the Effect on brain functioning

Apart from the adverse health effects, stopping a strenuous workout routine makes your brain tired , wound up,  fatigued and ill-tempered. Exercising regularly can fight depression and also plays a role in lifting your mood. THANKS TO THE ENDORPHINS.

6. Your muscles get withered

Once you quit training and discontinue your Workout, your muscles suffer. You may notice that your muscles wither and start to shrink immediately after leaving the workout regime. And remember, it takes a longer period to rebuild that muscle mass again.

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