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An accelerated fat loss program with measurable and visible results achieved by weekly tracking of various variables like training, nutrition & sleep. Loose upto 4 kgs per month

Muscle up

A classic muscle and mass building program which offers you sustainable results. You can expect upto 2 Kgs of muscle gain while minimizing and controlling the fat gain during the process.


Meal plans that are inspired by your kitchen and are easy to follow. They are balanced as per any medical conditions. This scientifically helps in disease and weight management besides building immunity.


Spine over muscles and movement over size is how this program takes care of your stiffness, balance & flexibility and at the same time helps you live life pain-free and helps you transform from inside.


Access all our programs with 500+ meal options and 365+ workouts at home, in the gym, and on the go.


₹ 2080

Price inclusive of GST


1 Month

Take one step at a time.

Feel the difference in your self.

Learn that a healthy lifestyle is for everyone.


₹ 5400

Price inclusive of GST


3 Months

Achieve 1 short term goal.

Get the taste of healthy & fit life.


₹ 9840

Price inclusive of GST


6 Months

Achieve 1 long term goal 

and 2 short term goals.

Make a permanent lifestyle change.

₹ 17160

Price inclusive of GST


11 Months

Achieve your long term goals.

Smash multiple smaller goals.


What you get with this

Safety First

Leave the maintenance of your healthy lifestyle you promised yourself on us.. Your safety is our priority.

Expert Mentors

We bring you expert mentors with hand-on experience. They are just one call away to lead and help you with your transformation

progress journal

Our App will track your progress, keep a check on your BMI, BMR, calories etc. Also, get your before & after pics to witness the results. 

fitness community access

You’ll be joining community of fitness seekers through Group chats who share similar goals, challenges, lifestyles as you. 

dedicated account manager

We provide our clients with an exceptional experience. Our account managers help you understand our trademarked products & processes.

unlimited guidance

You get unlimited consultation calls, video supported Workouts, form check, and technique correction. We help you stay on track.



Now stay in great shape at the comfort of your home, office or any other place that motivates you to exercise  


Online course

You can’t carry your gym but

you can carry your workout!

Not able to make it to our training studio? No worries we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to be tied down to a fixed schedule, location or fancy machines any more. Go ahead and choose our online program to workout as per your convenience anywhere, anytime and with the equipment available at your favorite gym or without it at the comfort of your home

One on One Training

Do not get lost on your fitness journey. Stay focussed, motivated and keep progressing with our expert mentors. With our Expertise, our mentors help you set realistic goals and achieve them.

They are dedicated to healthy living and can be a real-life inspiration to you. They will tell you reasonably what to expect from each workout. 

We personally handle every step of your fitness experience

How it works?

discovering you

We listen, understand and set your fitness goals as per your body type and lifestyle. Your  previous workout experience, injuries, or medical issues are crucial for us to consider and get a headstart. In short, we explore you and your needs before taking you on a fitness journey that you’d love to follow.

planning you

We plan with you, for you. 

Your nutrition plan, ideal workout routines and schedule is tailor-made according to your body’s ability. We help you involve yourself in your program!

Evaluating you

Well planned is a job half-done, rest is execution. Each session you take brings you closer to your dream physique and health goal. We make regular follow ups on your progress, monitor your fitness level and record health indicators. We make sure you stay motivated and committed to your fitness programs. 





Monday to Saturday: 6 am - 1 pm & 4 pm - 10 pm

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