How to boost your immunity?? We all keep on seeing different posts and information on what role our immune system plays in protecting our body, the frequency increased during the onset of Covid pandemic. To protect people from catching the virus, many doctors shared tips to keep our immune levels high. We’re going to share our way of helping you boost your immunity. So read on the article to know more on how to boost your immunity by natural ways


1) Increase the intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin E :  Vitamin C is one of the biggest immune boosters. It also acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin C is water soluble soluble vitamin and does not get stored in the body. So it is important to consume it on a daily basis from food sources. So try to include Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables like oranges, kiwi, strawberries,amla,bell peppers,lemons,drumstick,spinach,kale,broccoli,tomatoes etc. Apart from Vitamin C, Vitamin E is an antioxidant too which helps to fight off infections.Vitamin E rich foods are nuts and seeds and oils.

2) Include omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids help in boosting your immune system. It also improves the cardiovascular function. It helps in reducing the bad cholesterol(LDL – low Density Lipoprotein) and increases the good cholesterol(High Density Lipoprotein). Include omega 3 food sources like fatty fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil etc in your diet on a regular basis.

3 ) Physical Activity

Physical activity plays a major role in boosting your immunity. Although prolonged physical activity suppresses the immune system.So aim to engage yourself in a moderate exercise at least for 45 mins to one hour 5 days a week. Try to go for a brisk walk or do any physical activity of your choice like gym, jogging, swimming, zumba, bicycling etc.

4) Plant based Diet

Plant based diet comprising of mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds ,legumes that contains lots of phytochemicals in the form of antioxidants which helps in boosting your immune system and protecting the body from free radical damage. Free radical damage can result from various factors like injury,stress, pollution,chronic medical conditions like thyroid, diabetes, arthritis etc. So fill your plate with that vibrant color of fruits,vegetables and go nutty.

5) Stress and Sleep.

Stress and Sleep both are inter-related to each other. It also affects your physical and mental state of well being and your immune system majorly as well. Long term stress promotes inflammation as well as imbalances in the immune cell function . Make sure you get a sound sleep for at least 7 to 8 hrs on a daily basis. Avoid taking a lot of stress and engage in activities like yoga and meditation to keep yourself calm. Maintain a healthy social circle and discuss any issues you are facing with regards to your personal and professional life.



6) Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight or obese carries an increased risk of various lifetsyle disorders like blood pressure,diabetes,thyroid etc and other health complications. It might also increase the inflammation levels in the body and reduce the immune function of the cells. So make sure your BMI is under a normal range( under 25) to boost your immune function. Also try to eat healthy and engage in moderate physical activity so as to maintain an optimum weight.


All these aforementioned points are very easy to follow if you dedicate yourself into following these. For more information on your nutrition needs and bodily intake, go for our NutriFit program and transform yourself by following good nutrition under the guidance of our expert NutriFit mentor.


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