Do you struggle with finding time for fitness as a mom? Most moms want to be more physically fit, but they are just not sure where to start. Are you one of those too?

Most of us know the importance of exercising on a regular basis – we have seen and heard all the statistics on how it reduces the risk of major diseases such as cancer & heart disease. But let’s face the fact that, moms are busy, and often there are n number of responsibilities that take their time, because they allow it and make sure their job is completed. 

Last week, we heard from a client of ours who was going through the same issue, she said, “

About 2 years ago, I was starting to notice that my jeans and dresses weren’t fitting quite right. I had less energy, less endurance for activities that I had previously. Maybe a part of this is getting older, and part of it is related to lack of consistent exercise. What should I do?”

You too might have a dramatic story like she does. You might have reached a point where you realize that you need to make a huge change in your lifestyle and we totally get it. 

Like her you too will be wanting to get active and keep up with your extremely energetic kids for years to come. After talking to us, She decided to start prioritizing her physical fitness under our guidance. 

Like anything else that’s worth achieving in life, there is sacrifice involved in pursuing wellness. Sacrifice of your favorite chocolates, or your favorite pizza or pasta. But the sacrifice is minimal in comparison with the rewards of how you will feel and experience. Let’s dig deeper, the first thing you need to do is-


Determine your motivation for fitness. Think and decide, What are your goals?

Do you want to Lose or gain weight or enhance flexibility 

 or increase your endurance? Establish the reason you want to get fit or stay fit, so that you can be reminded of that when you don’t feel like exercising or pick out an excuse not to work out. 

 Write this reason down somewhere that you will see it on a daily basis! Perhaps it can be your fridge door or a cabinet or your mirror– any place that you know you will be looking at regularly.

You have to Find something that works for you!

There are literally hundreds of different types of exercise out there. You can do running, yoga, pilates, zumba, weight lifting, dance, bicycling, swimming, etc. 

For instance, Some people need the accountability of a class where you are attending weekly and others are expecting you to be there. Some people like going to the gym. Some people would rather workout at home, or outdoors. You’ve got to find something that works for you. 

Find something you ENJOY! Mentors and Fitness coaches can help you out for sure in this.

Fix and Mix it up!

If you want to see results, you need to mix up your fitness routine. Your body will become accustomed if you are always doing the same workouts. For example, if you go for a 3 mile walk every day, but never do anything else, you will probably see that you will get dormant. So it’s very important to challenge your body in different ways on a regular basis.

Try and do a different workout every time you exercise so that there is never repetition. Still in case, you have one thing which you really enjoy doing, try to mix it up at least once per week. If you enjoy walking, then take at least one day and do weight training.

Wait, Don’t be afraid of weights.

Weight training has so many health benefits, and its really important as we get older. You don’t have to go crazy and go to the gym and use all kinds of machines. Obviously it’s not possible in this pandemic but There are plenty of things you can do with simple tools such as dumbbells or a kettlebell or household stuff. Building muscle will help you burn more calories in the long run.

Also be sure to be extremely cautious with weight training. Hiring a personal trainer or a coach, guide you through how this all works is highly recommended.

Make sure you Make time for it!

Some people don’t work out because they think it will take a large chunk of their day. However, this is so not true! Depending on what you do, you can workout for around 15 -20 minutes everyday. Remember, SOMETHING is better than nothing.

If you want this to work, plan it into your day. Stick to a schedule. Many people find that getting up early in the morning, before the kids are up, and getting the workout in is the most effective method. Others find the afternoon nap time, or later in the evening better. It doesn’t really matter when you do it – just find what works for you. But you must put the workout hour on your calendar, make it a priority, and it will be likely to happen.

Yes right, you gotta REUNITE with others.

You might have heard – THE MORE, THE MERRIER. When you workout with your friends or family, you have the most fun and the most successful exercise regime, thus it’s great to find a workout buddy or accountability partner. Some of us are motivated enough to do this on our own. But most of us need some incentive to keep going when it gets hard or difficult when we’re alone, so that’s where a partner can motivate you. There are many options, including exercising with a friend, attending a daily or weekly class with mentors, joining a facebook or WhatsApp group to hold you accountable, or hiring a personal trainer. Figure out what you need and do it! And luckily, FunctionFit has got it all so you can feel free and count on us for sure 😇


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