As the name goes ‘HAMMER’, this program is all about Strength, Power, Muscles, and Bodybuilding.

So if your goal is to make more & more abs & become bulkier & put on mass. Get a body of a bodybuilder then ‘HAMMER FIT’ is the right program for you.

In this weight lifting, the rap range is 5 to 7, heavy use of weight equipment like barbells, dumbbells, & kettlebells.

HAMMER FIT is a copyright program of FunctionFit.



Just like the name ‘JUNGLE’ this program is a combination of animal moves, martial arts, and sports training.

The goal of JUNGLEFIT is to make you more active, increase endurance, improve strength. Overall make you fit & active like an athlete.

It involves bodyweight exercises, calisthenics to improve & develop the right amount of speed, agility, and strength.

Highly popular & recommended for working professionals, homemakers, and students.

JUNGLEFIT is also a copyright program of FunctionFit.




We all love to PARTY, don’t we ? & What about Dance ?

Well, experts says and we also know,  Dance is one of the best stress-buster & energy booster and awesome full-body exercises with loads of fun.

Idea of creating PARTYFIT is to mix fitness with fun which is one of the core value of FunctionFit ( ‘FUN’ + ‘FIT’)

It happen only in Group Classes which generally run for 1 hr. Time just fly in this session, people laugh, giggle & burn calories just like that.

Recommended to all, a must try.





The absolute fitness is when your body & mind both rejuvenate, relax and stay active.

Not only India, the whole world admitted YOGA & MEDITATION is the best form of workout for stress release, improving flexibility, strength, endurance and mindfulness.

This is the only form of exercise which can go with any age group. In today, full of stress life doing meditation & yoga is highly recommended to all. It has endless benefits.

YOGIFIT is our specialized program of Yoga & Meditation focusing on all age groups.




Its not about Diet, its all about Eat Health, Eat Right.

Doing workout but not getting results, skipping meals in the hope to get fit. Don’t know what to eat and what to avoid. Healthy food is boring. General Diet plans don’t give desired results.

Fitness is incomplete without food, that’s why we have NUTRIFIT . Here, we focus on nutrition, healthy diet and eat right as per your fitness goal. A personalized health & nutri plan with one-on-one consultation.



Want to achieve more, set bigger goals, only remember your commitment & take one day at a time.

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