When it comes to pre- or post- workout nutrition, the timings, and the diet plays a very important role. Carbohydrates and Proteins, are the two important macronutrients on which your pre-workout and post-workout diet depends. Healthy Fats can also be added in small amounts. If you take proper nutrition ,it will really help you in reaching your desired goals ,be it, fat loss, weight gain, muscle gain or for any other reason. It also helps in muscle recovery post your workout.

So what should your pre and post-workout diet consists of?

Lets find it out.

Pre-workout Diet

When it comes to pre-workout nutrition, one needs to make sure that you avoid doing workout on an empty stomach.

What happens if you do your workout on an empty stomach??

If you do your workout on an empty stomach,  you might feel low on energy and will get tired soon. Also you will be unable to do workout properly .You might get dizziness or light headedness. This usually happens when your sugar level drops because your body has already used up the stored energy during your workout.

So what you should eat pre-workout??And at what time?

Is there any fixed time to do workout?

Not at all. You can do your workout at any time of the day. It can be morning or evening or afternoon. But one must avoid doing workout at very late in the night as it might disrupt your sleep. This is because when you do workout it increases your Central nervous System(CNS) activity, which makes your brain more active and alert. Hence it might take more time for you to fall asleep.

Complex Carbohydrates are a must to be included in your pre-workout meal. This will give you long term sustainable energy during your workout. Simple carbs in the form fructose(from fruits) can also be added to give a quick energy.

Pre-workout meal options:-

1)Fruit with nuts(almonds or walnuts)

2) Oats porridge with milk or water , 3)Boiled sprouts

4) Poha

5) Upma

6)Boiled sprouts

7)Boiled corn

8)  Boiled sweet potato,etc

Time gap before workout for a Light meal should be  15 mins to 20 min

while for a Heavy meal, it should be 1 hour.


During your workout

While doing your workout, make sure you are keeping your body hydrated by sipping water regularly. You can also take glucon D, or lemon water with little added honey to balance out the electrolytes which might get lost during the workout.

Post-Workout diet

The post workout diet is all about repair and maintenance of the worn out tissues. During workout, muscle breakdown happens(catabolism).They undergo wear and tear. So you need to make sure that your post-workout meal should give you the proper nutrition which will help in muscle building( anabolism ).

What happens if you don’t take post workout meal ??

If you skip your post-workout meal, you might end up losing your precious muscles. So for building and repair of those muscles  post-workout meal is a must.

Proteins are really essential to include in your post-workout meal. It is because your muscles are made up of protein. Protein is an important nutrient for growth, development and repair of muscle and body tissues. It has a higher metabolic rate than fat , so an individual can  burn more calories. It is also said to increase the satiety, which prevents a person from overeating.

Post-workout meal should contain a good quality protein which has a high biological value(HBV). Protein with a high biological value(HBV) , is readily or quickly absorbed by your body thereby preventing any further muscle breakdown.

Post-workout meal options:-

1) Boiled egg whites

2) Whey protein

3) Milk

4) Buttermilk

5) Paneer

Try to consume your post-workout meal as soon as possible so as to avoid any muscle loss.

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This article is written by Sameera Shaikh. She is a microbiologist and a Clinical Research Fellow. She is a practicing Clinical Dietician and a Sports Nutritionist since more than 6 yrs. She has been associated with various renowned gyms and digital health platforms in the past. Follow her on IG: @samnutrizilla

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