It is rightly said what consumes your mind controls your life. And its up-to you what you will let your mind to get consumed in. Most of us believe that poor mental health or a mental health condition is rare and won’t happen to us or will happen to someone else.
But it’s a fact that it’s the most widespread common health condition now. Many of the researches have mentioned that recently the plague has increased. It can be cause of many reason may it be our lifestyle or may it be the contestant stress to be at the top.

What causes Mental Stress?


1. Hereditary / Biological:

If someone in your family had a mental condition there are chances that you
can also develop but it’s just one of the possibility.

2. Life experiences:

Any trauma of loosing someone or abuse which has left a scar on you can make you have a mental condition. Mental health problems are common but the important thing to know is help is available.

Symptoms of Mental Health Disorder

But usually the person having this mental fog won’t ever come across and mention this. So you on the other hand need to notice the signs to extend a helping hand. Following are the indicators that someone is suffering from Mental health disorder:
1. Too much food consumption or is sleeping too much.
2. Not wanting to be social at all
3. Has drastically increased smoking and drinking.
4. Feeling confused or is always angry.
5. Being self involved or numb
6. Unable to perform daily tasks.
By recognizing these symptoms you can personally help the person or take medical help from a psychiatrist. Precautions to avoid Mental Health Disorder Following precautions might help you to cure or avoid mental health disorder

• We should minus the things which add stress and it’s entirely up to us to have a realistic look and not take influence in a negative way. Eg: social media nowadays have added the extra stress to have a picture perfect life which often makes us underestimate ourselves which is also one of the leading causes of stress and depression in teens.

• It’s OK to accept that you are not ok. Talking to someone helps. Talk to the person around you or close to you to better things.

• Involve yourself in a fitness activity: it is proven that oxygen helps in reducing stress. When a person performs an activity it helps them to take in a good amount of oxygen which in return helps us to better our approach and reduce stress. And also to mention once the aggression is removed the person does feel lighter.

Its important to know the about only cause in our daily life stress is like a partner now but to balance it well a activity is the best way out so focus on a healthy routine just to help yourself reduce stress. It is important to remember that there is a treatment available always and it’s up to us on how we take things ahead. The five programmes of functionfit i.e. hammerfit, junglefit, partyfit and yogifit and nutrifit are designed not only to improve and maintain physical health but also to reduce stress and take care of mental health as well.

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