With our busy schedule we have started to ignore our health as well our family members. So it’s really important to take a break and go away for holidays with your family. It’ll not only be beneficial for your mental and physical well being also brings your family closer. But, it’s really important that you plan your holiday in advance. As small mistakes might put you in trouble. So in order to have a relaxed and tension free holiday just follow these steps:

1. Keep yourself hydrated:

DRINK DRINK DRINK! Keep sipping water all throughout the journey. Be it via road, rail or air, especially while taking long flights to combat dehydration (the fatigue it causes), and avoid extreme jet lag. The cabin air is much drier so remember to drink a few glasses of water before boarding, then another one each hour in flight.

2. Keep everything organized:

Holidays are planned to take a break from stressful life. So, organize everything for a successful trip to avoid last minute stress. Stress is the main trigger for junk eating. Plan well. Have maps ready, travel light, carry a first aid box, keep a copy of all documents and pack all necessities.

3. Avoid leaving home hungry:

Don’t leave your home with empty stomach. In case you’re getting delayed pack something to eat during ride to airport or station. That’s how you won’t get carried away by the unhealthy food counters at the stations or terminals. They can burn your pocket and might make you sick too.

4. Pack food for emergency:

Carry some fresh fruits, dry non-perishable snacks along like roasted munchies, nuts and unsalted popcorn. Roasted soya nuts, khakra etc are also handy at any point of travel. These might help you for sightseeing where there are no restaurants, for kids as they might feel hungry anytime or for night cravings when all restaurants are closed.

5. Avoid getting BORED:

Sometimes long hours of travel can lead to boredom snacking. Carry some boredom busters with you like a great book/ e-book, music player, magazines, crosswords/puzzles or just pen down random thoughts. Pack some indoor games for children otherwise they might get cranky.

6. Eat Healthy Food:

Holidays means outside food. So, keep your meals high on fibre as travelling often means less water and missed bowel movements. Salads, fruits, whole grains do the trick. Avoid sodas, too much of teas or coffees and carry a water bottle along wherever you go. There is easy refill at most places around the world.

Get your daily protein quota. Travelling is a type of stress for the body and a frequent one can lead to more wear and tear. Also, eating good protein in the form of eggs, milk and milk products prolong satiety and keep energy levels high. For lunch, choose steamed or baked items over deep-fried, whole wheat phulkas/tandoori rotis or plain rice over puris or naan,tikkas and dry sabjis over butter or makhni gravies, and fresh fruits instead of calorie dense desserts. You can grab a quick subway with veggies and whole wheat bread with mustard sauce or vinaigrette. For dinner, limit starters to protein ones which are grilled like paneer/chicken/fish tikka than fried kababs. Settle on clear or vegetable based soups, salads with lemon juice or curds dressing over oil based dressing, stir-fry over deep-fried kofta or tikkis. You can add healthy lean meats like chicken and fish or paneer and tofu for dinner with veggies to keep it light and low carb to compensate for low activity levels.

7.Do some physical activity.

With regards to activity, if not dedicated exercise, try being as active as possible. Take the stairs, go for a stroll after dinner and explore the city. Try to walk as much as you can. Do not forget to carry your sneakers with you during travel. Get up and stretch yourself after every 45 minutes to 1 hour as sitting for long can be damaging to our posture. In the flight, walk the length of the plane, every hour or two to keep your back happy, your muscles supple, and your blood circulating.

Indulge into some deep breathing exercises, it will help you keep calm or even put you to sleep. Practising some pranayam can surely help here. Use the long corridors and long waits for a quick brisk walk in airports / stations. Take stairs rather than escalators. After all, you have to sit for hours in the plane so make the most of the time you have while you wait.

If driving, take a break every 1-2 hours, and walk around the parking lot of a rest stop. never forget to pack your workout clothes and shoes. They are anyways light. Go ahead, have a safe, healthy and an active trip. Holidays are important to get away from daily routine and stress. With careful planning and taking care of our health you can enjoy holidays with your family and relatives. FunctionFit wishes you happy holidays. Enjoy your holidays and keep yourself healthy and happy because in order to function properly you need to be physically and mentally fit.

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